Ojitos Borrosos                                                   

Self-published / Mexico / 2012 / Offset, edition of 1000 / Get it!                

Compilation of different short comics I made from 2008 to 2012. Some of them
were originally put out as self-published mini comics, and others were made for publications like Arthur Magazine, Vice, Fett and Kuš!
Nominated for the 2012 Ignatz awards "Outstanding Artist" and "Outstanding Anthology or Collection".

“A simply killer collection of Inés Estrada’s amazing comics - charmed and pervy and smart and totally unpredictable... I can’t say enough good things about these except that you will love them.” -Edie Fake, author of Gaylord Phoenix

You can find it at Desert Island (Brooklyn), Quimby's (Chicago), Domino Books (Brooklyn), Floating World Comics (Portland), Supalife Kiosk (Berlin) Fatbottom (Barcelona),  Vértigo (Cd. de México) and CBR (Cd. de México).

You can read Mitocondria, my favorite comic from the book here

Let’s eat, no?

I’m coming...

Stop playing and come help me

What did you do to Flan now?!

Wait a second...

I think you should shave


I always wanted to do this


You’re hungry, right?

You’re hysteric today, go out for a walk


Now let’s eat

I can’t believe he let me shave him

Are you angry, banana?

I love you

What a good saturday, no?

Damn ---

I always thought our sex was good but

Today was too good...

I’m leaving for work, see you tonight

Bye Flan!

How was your day?

Mine was good!

Guess what? Jose says there’s a party at his house

So get dressed

What do you think?

This one or the other one?

What are you doing?

Weird that Ana isn’t here yet


Do I have semen on my dress or what?

Is her boyfriend a dog or what...

Ana, I’m glad that y’all came!

Ramiro, why don’t you talk anymore?

Are you sad?

The truth is, I have nothing to say

You could tell me that you love me

I do love you

I feel like you’ve changed lately

I don’t know... Good night!

I’m not doing it on purpose...

You know that I would never hurt her

but being a human is hard

I want to be a dog again!

I don’t understand anything about culture, money or moral, I just want to eat, sleep and fuck.

Men think they’re free, when they’re actually slaves of their own ideas



Woof woof

Woof woof

Did you smell that?

Where does it come from?


Ramiro! What the fuck are you doing? Do you know what time is it?

What the fuck did you do to our house?!

I found something strange

What the hell is that...

I don’t know but it moves...

Pull it out


I can’t


help me!




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